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Ahhh I know. I suck, I'm sorry. Life has been beyond hectic. My computer completely broke so all my PSDs and everything I had made for the requests is gone. So I'll have to remake everything. But I promise, those requests will get done eventually. But in the meantime, I have some wallpapers that I've made over the months.

17 Wallpapers
2 Ashley Greene
1 Divergent
1 Harry Potter
1 Hunger Games
1 The Borgias
2 Game of Thrones
2 Merlin
1 Remember Me
4 Skins
1 True Blood
1 Vampire Diaries
- Please DO NOT steal, edit, redistribute, hotlink or claim any of my work as your own.
- Wallpapers are for PERSONAL USE ONLY (unless stated otherwise).
- Textless icons are not bases.
- Credit [info]sopolite .
- Comments are ♥.



Select a size: 1280

the hunger games
The Girl Who Was On Fire

Select a size: 1280


the borgias

Select a size: 1280

game of thrones
I Am Khaleesi

Select a size: 1280

Mother of Dragons

Select a size: 1280

Never Loved Another

Select a size: 1280

Such An Ass

Select a size: 1280

How Could I Forget?

Select a size: 1280B&W

I'm Katie

Select a size: 1280

I Want to Remember

Select a size: 1280

true blood
Show Me Your Teeth

Select a size: 1280

vampire diaries
Cease to Believe in Love

Select a size: 1280


harry potter
Avada Kedavra

Select a size: 1280

remember me
Fingerprints Don't Fade

Select a size: 1280


ashley greene

Select a size: 1280version 2

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Tags: !maker: sopolite, book: divergent, book: the hunger games, character: alcide herveaux, character: ally craig, character: arthur pendragon, character: bellatrix lestrange, character: bill compton, character: daenerys targaryen, character: effy stonem, character: elijah smith, character: eric northman, character: guinevere, character: james cook, character: katherine pierce, character: katie fitch, character: katniss everdeen, character: lucrezia borgia, character: merlin, character: sookie stackhouse, character: tris prior, character: tyler hawkins, movie: harry potter, person: alexander skarsgard, person: angel coulby, person: anna paquin, person: ashley greene, person: bradley james, person: colin morgan, person: daniel gillies, person: emilia clarke, person: emilie de ravin, person: helena bonham carter, person: holliday grainger, person: jennifer lawrence, person: joe manganiello, person: kaya scodelario, person: megan prescott, person: robert pattinson, person: skyler samuels, person: stephen moyer, tv: game of thrones, tv: merlin, tv: the borgias, tv: true blood, type: wallpapers
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