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Hey guys! Long time, no see! No worries, sopolite and I haven't gone anywhere. We'll be back shortly w/new batches of arts, promise! And while you're waiting on those...

1) My Collab Parts :: Rob & Kristen || Lyndsy Fonseca || Amanda Seyfried

** (Click the picture to see the video. Be sure to watch in HD!) **

Please DIRECT ALL COMMENTS TO THE DESIGNATED YT LINKS, NOT HERE. It's so much nicer to have all of the feedback there in one place. Links to full collabs and to the hosts in the description box on my youtube channel. Oh & let me remind you that I am a newbie to Sony Vegas, and pretty much a premature baby at picture-videos so... be gentle please.

(Feel free to FRIEND ME & SUBSCRIBE on YT if you'd like!)
Tags: !maker: angieswenson, pairing: rob/kristen, person: amanda seyfried, person: lyndsy fonseca, type: fanvid
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